A NEW Portal to share Information

8 01 2010

This year we will be using WordPress as our site to share information.  In the past, we have used PageFlakes as our host site, but some found it cumbersome to use because each and every person had to have an account, and then that page had to be shared specifically with those accounts.  Today, this WordPress blog is public, in such a way that all information that is posted here will be available for anyone on the web to view.  Please be aware of this, and share appropriate information.


We will be looking at the PlaceNames Curriculum developed by Michael Munson-Lenz, Lisa M. Blank, and Jeffrey W. Crews.  This was distributed to each school through a Ready-To-Go Grant and OPI.  Each school should have the PlaceNames binder.  If you do not have this in your school, it can be obtained by contacting Michael Munson-Lenz at Montana OPI.



We will also be using a backchannel today.  Our backchannel URL is: http://todaysmeet.com/mssaplacenames or just click on the link to take you there.  The backchannel is used to gather feedback in real time from you, the audience!  To use it, simply click on the link, type in your name, push the join button, type your comment in 140 characters or less, and push the say button.   If you have questions, ask them here.  If you have more to add, add it here.  We will try to address all questions in the backchannel throughout the day!




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