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5 02 2010
Sarah and Callie

Will be downloading Google Earth on Monday. I can’t wait to use it in my various lessons. Teaching about place is an excellent concept to use in the classroom and essential. Thank you for all of the great ideas.

5 02 2010

I had a wonderful time exploring all of the different resources that you presented to us. Excited to get it going in the classroom!! Thanks!

5 02 2010

Wahooooo- I learned so many neat things to do with my class! Thank you for presenting this material to us today!

2 02 2010

enjoyed the class; great information–a lot to absorb for “new” users; anxious to explore and play around with google earth in able to share possibilities with students; this is a tool we can forsee integrating with many curriculum areas; sharing the place names curriculum was a good idea–more likely to be used the way it was meant

thanks for sharing your expertise and being patient with some of us less knowlegeable in tecfhnology

14 01 2010

I love coming to a meeting where I learn something new to share with my kids. I find it very refreshing to learn something new from other teachers who are actually using the information with success in their own classrooms. This was very worthwhile, Thank you!

14 01 2010
Tedi Jo Williams

Loved the class. Looking forward to using this in my classroom.

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